How To Extract Audio From Video In Alight Motion Complete Guide

Learning how to extract audio from a video in Alight Motion can open up a world of creative possibilities for your video projects. Whether you want to groove to the beat of a catchy song, make a cool remix, or add emotional depth with slow or sad music, this easy technique will be very helpful for you. In this article we are going to guide you that How To Extract Audio From Video In Alight Motion.

Those people who make videos for fun or even for work, this feature is like a magic trick. It is like having a special feature to pick out just the sounds you want from a video and use them wherever and whenever you like. Imagine you are making a podcast or trying to create your own music. You can use the sound from a video you love and make it more effective and desire for your choice.

How To Extract Audio From Video In Alight Motion
How To Extract Audio From Video In Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a cool video editing tool that lots of folks use on their phones and tablets. It is best because it can do many things with videos, like taking the sound out of a video. Let’s say you watch a video and really like the music or sound in it. You might want to use that sound in your own videos, or maybe just listen to it without watching the video. Alight Motion can totally help you to extract audio audio from video.

How To Extract Audio From Video In Alight Motion

The process of extracting the audio from video in alight motion is one of the most important features in video editing, by using this feature users can separate the audio from video easily and use it in other projects and or create a separate file.

Import Video File:

  • First of all, Open Alight Motion App.
  • Now tab on Import Button.
  • Select your desired file from which you want to extract the audio file.

Separate the audio file:

  • Just tap on the uploaded video file which one you import.
  • Tab on Audio.

Export the audio file as a separate file:

  • Simply select the location and format where you want to save the file.
  • Now tab on Export and you your file has been saved!

Extra features

  • You can also edit your audio file by using the audio editing tool of Alight Motion.
  • You can trim your audio, zoom in, zoom out, you can fade your audio and also apply equalizer.
  • You can preview your audio file before exporting.
  • You have the option of exporting your audio in many quality settings.

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Alight Motion shines as an exceptional tool for audio extraction, offering a very user friendly process essay for all. With the outlined steps, acquiring the desired audio becomes a matter of mere clicks. So whether you’re embarking on a fresh creative journey or aiming to harmonies music across your videos, Alight Motion presents an uncomplicated solution that empowers your audio editing endeavors.


To begin, open Alight Motion and import the video you want to work with. Once the video is loaded, you can proceed to extract the audio.

Absolutely! Alight Motion allows you to extract audio from both short video clips and longer videos without any hassle.

Extracting audio serves various purposes. You can use it to create a custom soundtrack, repurpose the audio for different projects, or even isolate specific audio segments.

No, adjusting the audio layer is quite straightforward. You can easily control the volume of the extracted audio to your desired level before exporting it.

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