Which is better? Alight Motion Vs After Effects Comparison 2023

Many people are talking about editing apps and comparing them on the bases of features, interface, filters and many other options. Which is better in Alight Motion vs After effect? So I download both and use them to check which one is better to use while editing my video or images.

When I use these two apps I noticed some differences in this article. I will share my experience with you and the main difference in both apps and also my recommendation on which one is better for you.

Which is better Alight Motion Or After Effects
Which is better Alight Motion Or After Effects

So as per my opinion i would say that After effect is much better than alight motion because it has best quality standard graphic effects that give a very high quality professional look to your video. So because of its high quality features it is more costly as compared to Alight Motion.

I use alight motion for my video editing projects as I am a medium video editor and all the features that are available in alight motion are enough for me. After effects have more features but I don’t need all features, even some features which I don’t even use in my life so why do I spend more money to buy After Effects? Alight motion is enough for me.

There are some more Points which i found when i was comparing the two applications i found more things that made alight motion and after effect more different so i am sharing a complete comparison between Alight motion and After effect.

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Difference Between Alight Motion And After Effects

Alight Motion

  • In alight motion we can make professional eye catching templates and themes, which are already in final cut pro.
  • Alight motion is easy and simple to use.
  • Available in Low price.
  • Easy to create multiple projects and create groups.
  • Convenient.
  • Also Create 3D projects.
  • 4D cinema creation available.
  • Platforms Supported Android, iPhone, iPad.
  • Support Online.
  • No training required.
  • Categories Animation, Video Making, Visual Effects.

After Effect

  • After effect can create professional graphical videos, themes and templates.
  • Required some training to use.
  • Price is high
  • Content aware fill options.
  • Not as much convenient as motion.
  • Compatible for both Mac and windows
  • Rotoscoping, and 3D design.
  • Platforms Supported Windows, Mac, SaaS / Web.
  • Support Business hours, online.
  • Training required.
  • Categories Ai Video upscales, Animation, Motion Capture, Visual Effects, Video Editing.

What Is The Best Choice For You?

After reading the article i think so now you are able to decide which one is better? Alight motion vs After effect, according to my experience Alight motion is best for you because it has all the features you require to edit your video and turn your video into high quality professional video.

Alight motion has many features which are enough for video editing. When you explore Alight Motion in your own ways you will find that it is a complete video editing app and more important that you don’t need any computer or laptop to use this app.

If you are looking for the top of the editing app and make high quality graphics and work like other adopted software users you can check after effect and you need a high quality computer and laptop for the use of aftereffects.


When comparing Alight Motion and After Effects, it’s worth considering your priorities. After Effects offers a wide range of standard graphic effects, improving video quality but at a higher cost. Although not compatible with Final Cut Pro, After Effects excels in content aware fill options, rotoscoping, and 3D design, making it a top choice for intricate work. On the other hand, Alight Motion’s affordability and user-friendly interface make it appealing for those who priorities simplicity and low cost, even though it might not match After Effects’ depth for advanced techniques and features.


Alight Motion is generally more user friendly for beginners due to its easy interface and ease of use on mobile devices. While After Effects powerful and it has a steeper learning curve and is better suited for users with some experience in animation and visual effects.

After Effects is known for its extensive set of advanced features and capabilities. It provides a wider range of tools for complex animations, visual effects, and compositing, making it a great choice for professionals.

After effects are better for creating complex visual effects on a professional level.

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