How To Add Keyframes In Alight Motion Step By Step 2023

Add keyframes in your videos make it more eye-catching and beautiful, it is very easy and fast to add any filter or many features in Alight Motion application to make your video more professional. If you don’t know how to add keyframes in Alight Motion? Don’t worry we are going to discuss step by step guides to add keyframes.

How To Add Keyframes In Alight Motion
How To Add Keyframes In Alight Motion

As you know Alight Motion is a life changing application for video editors it has many new features and latest filters to add in your editing projects. This app can change the trends of using high quality computers or laptops for professional editing. Now you can do anything regarding video editing in your mobile phones by using the Alight Motion app.

Alight motion is a simple and effective video editing application specially for android users that give you a essay and simple platform that help you to make your video editing and converts you video in more professional looks.

How To Add Keyframes In Alight Motion

If you are searching for how to add keyframes in the Alight Motion app? We will tell you some key steps.
You have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, download the Alight motion app if you don’t have the app already on your phone.
  • Now tap on + icon to create a new project.
  • Now adjust/set the resolution and ratio of your project.
  • Add your video or Image for editing/ or apply keyframe on it.
  • Tap on + icon present in diamond and create a keyframe.
  • Now slide your timeline and again tap on the keyframe.
  • Add some animation effects to your project.
  • Now adjust the curve by clicking on the curve menu.

These are the simple steps through which you can add keyframes in your alight motion videos


If you are going to make a long animated video then you have to create multiple keyframes. Because keyframes make your video more unique and more beautiful.

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Why use Alight Motion Keyframes?

A light motion keyframe is very important when you are going to create your required motion graphic video project and you don’t have access to premium editors. Most of the creators think that keyframes are too difficult to apply in their projects so they don’t apply it. But keyframes are most essential in transitions on Alight Motion.

Keyframes help you to make more control on all aspects of your project animation, such as color changing and scaling effects. It also has more control on your final project video.


Keyframes in Alight Motion are specific points in your timeline where you set parameters for various effects, transformations, and animations, allowing for gradual changes between those points.

You can add keyframes by a simple method discussed in the above article.

Yes, you can add multiple keyframe layers and these layers make a good impact on your video editing quality.

Select the layer containing the keyframes, navigate to the desired keyframe on the timeline, and modify the properties as needed

Yes, you can delete any keyframe by selecting the keyframe you want to remove and clicking the “Delete Keyframe” button.


Alight Motion stands as an exceptional video editing application, particularly prized for its ability to craft captivating, high caliber videos and dynamic motion graphics. It has a bunch of features and tools that enhance its user interface, culminating in a powerful and accessible platform. To fully exploit the potential of this video editing app, a comprehensive mastery of its features is imperative. In this regard, the art of keyframing emerges as a pivotal skill, especially when aiming to fashion striking motion graphics and imaginative animations. This article has served as a guide, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of keyframes in Alight Motion from their essence to adept use.

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