How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion? Guide 2023

You want to add a motion blur effect on your Alight Motion project to give your project a cinematic look and make it more beautiful and unique but you don’t know how to add motion blur on Alight motion? It is a very simple and essay . We are going to discuss the guide step by step which can help you to apply motion blur on alight motion.

How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a video editing app with a lot of new moderate and advanced features to make your video editing more professional and eye-catching, you can apply many latest effects to your video and image editing. There are too many filters and features in Alight Motion which makes it different from other editing apps.

In this article we a going to discuss that how to add motion blur on alight motion to make your videos more attractive and beautiful. we explain all the process in comprehensive step by step guide so you can easily understand the process and apply it to you video projects.

How To Add Motion Blur On Alight Motion

In order to add motion blur on alight motion there are some steps to follow please read carefully and follow these steps:

  • Open alight motion application.
  • Tap on + icon.
  • Select your desired resolution.
  • Tab on create project.
  • Add video or image on which you want to apply the motion blur.
  • Tap on Effect to add effect.
  • Now select the blur effect.
  • Scroll up down and right left to check your applied blur effect.
  • Now adjust your blur size from the motion blur panel.
  • Your Motion Blur effect is applied.

Why we use Alight Motion ?

Alight motion is simple and best video editing application for mobile users you have almost all editing tools in it that are necessary for your video editing. you have a long list of different filters, keyframes, animations and other features that helps you to design your video outstanding.

you can also make your video more professional in this editing application as it has all updated latest features that any other editing application have. you can also use this video editing application on your personal computer if you want to use laptop or other personal computer for editing.


Please note that there are some important things that are compulsory to use when you are making an Alight Motion video.

There steps are: 

  • Order Of Effects
  • Easing Curves
  • Practical Uses Of Curves


To add motion blur, import your video, access the Effects menu, select the “Blur” option, and choose “Inner blur.” Adjust the strength of the blur effect for the desired visual impact.

After adding text, select the “Move and transform” option, then “Move.” Add keyframes at the text’s start and end points, adjusting their positions to control the text’s movement across the video.

Alight Motion is a professional video editing application designed for Android mobile devices, offering advanced editing features akin to those found in desktop software like After Effects.

Alight Motion offers similar editing capabilities to After Effects but in a mobile-friendly format, making it convenient for users to create and edit videos on the go.


Alight Motion is a professional video editing application for Android mobile devices, rivals the capabilities of desktop software like After Effects. It empowers users to seamlessly transform photos and videos into cinematic creations. Notably, the app enables the addition of motion blur effortlessly, allowing for the enhancement of visual dynamism. Similarly, integrating moving text into videos is streamlined through Alight Motion’s user-friendly interface and keyframe functionality, offering precise control over text animations. With its accessibility and creative potential, Alight Motion positions itself as a valuable tool for a diverse range of users, from casual content creators to seasoned video editors, enabling them to craft compelling visual stories directly from their mobile devices.

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