Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster All Features Comparison 2023

Multiple editing apps are available online to give an outstanding look to your video or image. Many people are confused which editing app is best to use for editing in daily life or for professional use, today we are going to compare the two most popular mobile editing apps Alight Motion and Kinemaster.

Alight Motion vs KineMaster
Alight Motion vs KineMaster

Alight Motion and KineMaster both are best and well known video and image editing apps. Alight Motion stands out as the pioneer in professional video editing apps, boasting an array of advanced features. Particularly, it offers functionalities such as merging multiple clips, blending modes for creative effects, and sophisticated colour correction tools.

On the other hand KineMaster, equally reputable in the editing Field, offers a slightly different suite of features. It excels in fundamental editing tasks such as trimming videos to the perfect length, cropping visuals to fit various aspect ratios, and seamless exporting and importing of files. These built in features make KineMaster highly user friendly and efficient for those looking for quick but quality edits.

Best video editor for smartphone

When you are going to do editing on your smartphone and searching for the best video editing app for smartphone you have many options, which one is best for you is totally depends on your editing requirements. If you want virtual effects, motion graphics, animation and composition then Alight Motion is Best option for you.

Alight Motion app is available on many devices like you can use this app in android, iPhone, mac and also in you personal computer. It offers you many tools and features to achieve your creative vision.

Alight Motion vs KineMaster Comparison

Alight Motion

  • 4K 60fps support.
  • Multiple Layers of Graphics and Videos.
  • Vector and Bitmap Support.
  • Wide Range of Video Ratios.
  • Export Videos in Different Formats
  • Import Elements and Customized Fonts
  • Hundreds of Effects and Elements
  • VFX Feature
  • Key Frame Animation
  • Grouping and Masking
  • Supportability
  • Audio Options
  • Color Correction
  • Text and Titles
  • Alight motion Allows to make a blur motion video.
  • User can copy paste unlimited layers in Alight motion app.
  • Alight motion has an IDropper feature.
  • invert and threshold Feature
  • Crashes if you cross the limit.
  • Offers amazing effects.
  • Alight motion allows you to import external fonts.
  • It allows their users almost all blending options that the editor needs.
  • Alight motion allows you to add keyframes


  • KineMaster provides you with built in graphics such as text, clip graphics, animation etc.
  • Consume less time.
  • Offers 100+ transitions.
  • Not have the blur motion feature.
  • You can not copy any layer in kinemaster.
  • Does not have an IDropper feature.
  • Never crashes even if you import 100 videos.
  • User friendly to export a video.
  • KineMaster transformation does not work well.
  • You did not export external Fonts
  • There are limited blending options.
  • KineMaster has a masking feature.
  • You may face some difficulty in controlling and coping layers.
  • Editing Workflow.
  • Video Speed & Reverse.
  • Powerful Audio Editor
  • Color Filter & Adjustment
  • 4K Exporting
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Watermark in the free version
  • High Quality Templates


Alight Motion boasts intricate animations, while KineMaster shines in multi-layer editing.

Absolutely! KineMaster’s user-friendly interface makes editing a breeze for newcomers.

Yes, indeed! Both Alight Motion and KineMaster cater to both major mobile platforms.

KineMaster shines with responsive customer support, while Alight Motion’s support could be more robust.


In the world of smartphone video editing, this Article compare Alight Motion Vs Kinemaster both Alight Motion and KineMaster offer their unique sets of features and advantages. Alight Motion excels in its animations and effects, making it an ideal choice for those seeking artistic vision. On the other hand, KineMaster’s user friendly interface and has a vast library of effects, and responsive customer support cater well to beginners and experienced editors alike. Whether you are an aspiring content creator, a social media addict, or a professional look to your videos, both Alight Motion and KineMaster provide powerful tools to help you achieve your editing goals. The decision ultimately hinges on your preferences, editing style, and desired level of control.

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