How To Add Stylish Hindi Fonts Style In Alight Motion

Are you bored of using the same fonts in your Alight Motion projects? And searching to add a Hindi language touch to your videos with the help of Hindi Fonts style to give them a new look and make them more beautiful for your Indian audience? Then you are in the perfect place.

In this article we are going to cover all the things which are necessary to know when you are going to use Hindi fonts in your Alight Motion mobile app. We will explain and guide you about how to download and install Hindi fonts styles, how to use and customize these fonts in your project .

 Hindi Fonts Styles

Let’s get started and make your videos more beautiful and outstanding with the use of different Hindi fonts in your project.

What is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion stands as a professional motion graphics application accessible on both Android and iOS devices. Functioning as a dynamic powerhouse, it empowers users to craft mesmerizing visual spectacles and animations through an array of tools and features at their disposal.

Alight Motion has garnered a loyal following in a very short time period especially within the vital community of content creators populating social media landscapes. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok find their narratives elevated by the app’s capability to infuse videos with text, shapes, and images that seamlessly integrate with a medley of alluring effects and seamless transitions.

What are Hindi Fonts Styles ?

Hindi fonts styles refer to a collection of typefaces specifically designed for the representation of the Hindi language in written form. As Hindi is the official language of India, Hindi is spoken by a large number of people globally. So there are a variety of fonts to serve to different tastes and requirements.

These fonts vary in style and design, offering a range of aesthetics for diverse applications in print and digital media. Whether for formal documentation, artistic representation, or everyday communication, Hindi fonts ensure that the language is presented clearly and aesthetically.

How to Download and Install Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion?

If you are willing to use Hindi fonts styles in your editing application Alight Motion you must have to download the Hindi fonts and install them.

There are few steps to guide you how to download and install Hindi fonts:

  • Download the Font File from Above Download Button.
  • Or go to those websites who offers Hindi fonts like Dafont or Font fontsquirrel.
  • Check all the provided fonts and select the font according to your choice.
  • Then download the Hindi Fonts file by clicking the download button and save it into your smartphone.
  • If the file is downloaded in the zip folder then extract it from the zip folder.
  • Install the downloaded file in your device (installation process may vary according to you device)
  • Once the font file is successfully installed on your device, you can use Hindi font in your project.

How to use Hindi Fonts styles in Alight Motion?

After downloading and installing Alight Motion Hindi fonts now here are a few steps that make it easy to use Hindi fonts in your projects.
Please follow these steps:

  • First of all Open the Alight Motion App on your device smartphone or PC.
  • Create a project or select an existing project it depends on your requirement.
  • Now select the Text option from the toolbar.
  • Select the Font option in the text editing panel.
  • Now the list of fonts will open, find your desired Hindi font from the list and select it.
  • Your Hindi font is selected and now you can use it in your project and enjoy!

Different Styles of Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion

Alight Motion is an adjustable video editing and animation app, provides a dynamic platform to tackle the expressive power of various Hindi font styles. These styles, including Devanagari, Kruti Dev, and Mangal, offer a diverse range of visual elements that enhance the beauty of your projects.

Hindi font style allows creators to convey specific emotions, tones, and moods to their viewers. Devanagari, recognized for its elegance and formality, finds its stride in projects requiring a serious and authoritative touch.

In contrast, Kruti Dev introduces a more playful and imaginative quality to your creations. With its curvy and lively appearance, Kruti Dev is aptly suited for artistic and creative aspirations. This style can breathe life into music videos, short films, and visually captivating content that seeks to engage audiences with a sense of whimsy and originality.

Alight Motion that involve Hindi fonts styles, the selection of an appropriate style becomes pivotal in conveying the intended message. Matching the style with the project’s thematic essence enhances the overall impact of the content.

How to Customise Hindi Fonts in Alight Motion ?

Alight Motion Application allows its user to customise your fonts in many different ways to make their projects more eye-catching and beautiful for your audience.
Here are some features that alight motion allows you to make change in it:

Font Size

Alight Motion Apk allows you to make changes in your font size like you can adjust your font according to your need to make it large or small.

Change Font Color

You can use different colors to make your project outstanding which also helps you to make your project more beautiful by adjusting contrast of different colors within your fonts.


Alight Motion Application gives some effects in their fonts to make your fonts more advanced and prominent with the help of different shades, borders and dropped shadow.


You can apply many animations allowed by Alight Motion to make your text moving, scrolling it and many more to make your project text motion feel.


Yes, Alight Motion supports custom fonts. You can add and use stylish Hindi fonts styles in your projects.

There are numerous online platforms offering free and paid stylish Hindi fonts. Websites like Google Fonts, Dafont, and you can also download from above given Download button.

After downloading your preferred Hindi font:

Transfer the font file to your device.
Open Alight Motion and navigate to ‘Settings’.
Look for ‘Font’ or ‘Custom Font’ option.
Choose ‘Add’ or ‘Import’, and then select the downloaded Hindi font file.
Once added, it should appear in the list of available fonts in your project.

Absolutely! Once you’ve added the Hindi font styles to Alight Motion, you can modify its color, size, style, outline, shadow, and more to suit your project’s needs.

Ensure the font you’ve downloaded properly supports Hindi characters. Some fonts may have limited character sets. Additionally, always download fonts from reputable sources to avoid corrupted or incomplete files.


Adding Hindi Fonts styles into Alight Motion projects helps not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also caters to a wider audience by celebrating linguistic diversity. As of 2023, Alight Motion continues to provide a user-friendly platform for importing and utilizing custom fonts, making it feasible even for beginners. With the accessibility of numerous online resources offering a plethora of Hindi fonts, creators have a vast canvas to experiment with. However, it’s imperative to ensure the compatibility of font formats and to be vigilant about licensing requirements. By following simple steps and adhering to best practices, one can seamlessly infuse their Alight Motion projects with the beauty and essence of Hindi typography.

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