How To Reverse Video In Alight Motion? Complete guide 2023

The process of reversing a video in Alight Motion, a versatile video editing application, is a simple yet powerful tool for elevating the quality and intrigue of your videos. Whether you’re aiming for a comedic touch, a startling effect, or an enigmatic aura, this function serves as your ticket to creativity.

How To Reverse Video In Alight Motion

It transforms the conventional timeline, breathing life into your narrative in unexpected ways. Moreover, it allows you to spotlight particular moments in your video, ensuring they make the desired impact and aren’t overlooked in the flurry of frames.

To reverse a video in Alight Motion, begin by importing the clip you wish to manipulate. After selecting the video, navigate to the ‘Speed & Duration’ settings. Within these settings, you’ll find the option to reverse your video clip.

How to reverse video in Alight motion

To give originality into your video content, using the reverse video feature can be a potent strategy. It provides an Additional look to your material, sparking surprise or focusing on specific details as needed. The following instructions will guide you on how to fashion reverse videos using Alight Motion, a highly recommended application for this creative purpose.

  • Import the video in the Alight Motion App on which you want to reverse the video.
  • Now select the video layer which you want to revere.
  • After that tab on the speed button on the video layer.
  • Now you can select the speed from the given menu of your choice and also select the option to reverse video.
  • You can also use other advanced features like keyframe animation and masking to improve your reverse video and make it more attractive and eye catching.

 The following instructions will guide you on how to reverse your videos using Alight Motion, a highly recommended application for this creative purpose.

Some Additional Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Before diving into the process, outline your objectives for the reversed footage. This will help you decide which sections of the video to reverse and how to enhance it with other tools to achieve the desired impacts like masking, customspeed and many other tools.
  • Create fluid transitions between the reversed and normal footage using keyframe animation. This technique ensures that viewers experience the video seamlessly, as if they were watching regular footage instead of a reversal.
  • Enhance the viewer’s experience by incorporating sound effects into the reversed footage. This addition will evoke a sense of intrigue and surprise as they witness the video’s reversal.
  • Take advantage of Alight Motion’s speed adjustment feature to control the pace of the reversed footage. Play around with different speeds to find the perfect temperament  that Gives your creative vision.
  • Use masking effectively to reveal or conceal specific elements within the reversed footage. These techniques allow you to focus the viewer’s attention on the most important aspects of the video.
  • Always preview the reversed footage before exporting the final video. This step ensures you can make any necessary adjustments or enhancements to achieve a polished and engaging end result.

By following these tips and tricks, you can master the art of creating captivating reverse videos in Alight Motion, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and elevating your video editing skills.


To reverse a video in Alight Motion, import the video clip which you want to make reverse into the app. Then, navigate to the ‘Speed & Duration’ settings, where you will find the option to reverse the video.

Yes, Alight Motion allows you to adjust the speed of your reversed video. You can check different speeds to achieve the required effect for your video.

Yes, you can view the reversed footage before exporting into the final video. This will allow you to make any changes if required.

Absolutely! Reversed videos in Alight Motion open up endless creative avenues, enabling you to add uniqueness and captivate your audience with innovative effects.


In Alight Motion App it is very simple to reverse any video in very simple steps which are briefly explained in the article. Simply import the video file and go to the timeline tan and just select the reverse option from there in this way you can make a stunning reverse video in Alight Motion apk. Similarly you can make more custom speed videos and give them a beautiful touch by using more effects and tools.

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