How To Do Velocity Edit On Alight Motion Easy Tutorial 2023

The common questions about the most effective way to edit velocity in Alight Motion, a widely recognized video and animation editing application. Both editing experts and professionals in the field are consistently seeking answers to this question, emphasizing its relevance in today’s video editing landscape.

In response to this question, the team at Alight Motion began their quest to incorporate velocity editing into their application. This marked a significant development, steering the Alight Motion towards a more comprehensive and versatile direction. It’s worth acknowledging especially for those who are not aware of this progression in Alight Motion’s feature.

How To Do Velocity Edit On Alight Motion Easy Tutorial
How To Do Velocity Edit On Alight Motion Easy Tutorial

Now, with velocity editing firmly entrenched in Alight Motion’s toolbox, the program promises enhanced performance and creativity. This feature allows their users to manipulate the speed and pace of animations and videos, with more customizations thus providing more control over the final product. The following sections will provide a comprehensive guide on how to utilize the velocity editing feature in Alight Motion, helping you create more engaging, eye catching and dynamic content for you.

What is velocity edit effect in Alight Motion?

Delving into the world of video editing often means encountering specialized terminology. One such term that frequently comes up, especially in the context of the Alight Motion app, is “velocity”. In technical terms, velocity is directly linked to the frame rate or frames per second in a video. Simply put, velocity is the speed of your video, which you can modify to either increase or decrease, based on your specific needs.

We’re here to simplify the process. In the context of Alight Motion, we have laid out an easy-to-follow procedure for adjusting the velocity of your videos. The application, renowned for its user-friendly interface and versatile features, offers a straightforward path to customizing your video’s velocity.

As we discuss, we will elucidate the steps involved in velocity customization within the Alight Motion app. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, you will gain a clear understanding of velocity editing, allowing you to create beautiful and engaging video content that truly stands out. Stay with us as we guide you step by step to apply velocity in Alight Motion.

Step by step Guide to do velocity in Alight Motion

  • First of all complete your video editing, make all changes you want like apply filters, animations, music, images, sound and make it ready at normal speed.
  • Check that all the filters and changes you made are working properly.
  • Let’s assume that your video has multiple layers, each contributing to the overall composition. Your current objective is to edit all the video layers that are currently part of the project.
  • Now select the layer in which you want to do velocity editing.
  • When you select the layer you will see the “graph” option on the bottom left corner on your smartphone screen.
  • When you tab on the “graph” option in the Alight Motion app you will see four options.
    Linear, easy in, easy out, easy in and out.
  • These all four options have different effects and different uses. We can explain these four option:

  Linear This helps to move the object at constant speed.

  Easy in  Easy in offers the object to move slow in the start of the video and fast at then end.

  Easy out offers the object to move fast in the start and slow at the end of the video.

Easy in and out it offers mixed speed slow and fast whenever you want in the entire video.

  • Now you have to choose your required speed and save your project.
  • Repeat this same process again with all the layers on which you want to apply velocity.
  • Congratulations ! velocity editing done on your project.


Velocity editing in Alight Motion refers to adjusting the speed of a video to make it faster or slower.

To access velocity editing, tap on the video clip, go to “Velocity,” and adjust the speed using the slider.

Yes, you can apply velocity edits to each video layer separately to create dynamic effects.

Yes, you can easily reverse the velocity changes by resetting the speed to its original value.

Yes, changing the velocity will also affect the audio, adjusting its speed accordingly.


Video editing has evolved into an enjoyable profession in recent times, with velocity editing playing a crucial role in making edited videos more eye catching and focused for viewers. Without incorporating velocity edits, videos may lack the eye catching appeal necessary to engage audiences effectively. Fortunately, the Alight Motion app has revolutionized the process of velocity editing, making it incredibly user friendly and accessible to all.

In this guide, we have delivered a step by step guide for velocity editing within the Alight Motion application. This is a straightforward and efficient method which enhances the visual appeal of their videos easily. Additionally, we have also shared insights on how to remove watermarks from videos using Alight Motion, further enhancing the editing experience. With these tools and techniques at your disposal, you can elevate the quality of your videos and create truly captivating content that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

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